The central spine stairs are unique and versatile in their look and a great feature in modern homes. The contemporary design of these stairs is becoming increasingly popular due to its striking look. This design allows for a large range of materials to be used such as wood, natural stone, Corian and many more. This can be combined with a large range and types of balustrades, from steel to glass.


Central Spine Stairs ByFinesse


byFinesse have revolutionised and streamlined these staircases

The newest generation of central spine staircases conceals metal plates and upstands to unveil the beauty of timber in all its glory. This upstages previous bulky designs that have obstructed the wood and diverted the eye from the aesthetic look of the materials and design of the stairs. Our current range overcomes this unsightly problems due to the modern techniques that we have developed.

The concealed glass balustrade fixings add to the minimalist and breezy feel of the staircase.

In addition, our cantilevered staircases can have either a railing of your choice or a minimalistic glass balustrade with concealed fixings. The range of materials and finishes is huge so please come in to see your choices and be amazed at the look these stairs can achieve.